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Besides being a bitch at times, life can also be a failing writer that is extremely bad at structure and logic, which gives rise to the alternating hyperbole and troughs in an otherwise ordinary day. Traveling is the best way I know to gain new and magical experiences, and documenting bits and pieces of the journey helps me keep track of how far I have gone, and how far ahead I still have. Enjoy the vicarious thrill from perusing the world from the comfort of your seat, and hopefully they can get you started on one of your very own adventures soon!

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What's in your bucket list?

If only longevity could approximate my bucket list, which seems to grow longer every year as i read more and more about the unexplored parts of the world!
As a healthy individual, you probably have decades of time before you kick your bucket. What would you like to do within such a huge span of time that you would like to be remembered for?
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